Read Numbers 21:8-9
Moses led the Israelites through the wilderness for 40 years before God allowed them to enter the land he had promised them. During that time, he provided them with bread (manna) and meat (quail). Their clothing and shoes did not wear out. God protected them from their enemies. Yet they still grumbled against God and Moses. They said they were tired of wandering in the desert. They complained about lack of water and hated the food they were given each day. They spoke against God and Moses.
God was angry with them and was tired of their disobedience and complaining. He punished them by sending poisonous snakes throughout the camps. Many people were bitten and died.
The people came to Moses and admitted their sin. They apologized for their grumbling and disobedience. They asked Moses to pray for them and to ask God to take away the snakes. Moses prayed for the people and God told Moses His plan. God said Moses should make a bronze snake and put it on a pole. When anyone was bitten, they  could look at the bronze snake and live.  God had heard Moses and the Israelites and provided a way they could be saved from their sin.
God knew that we would sin, too. The Bible tells us that God knows our sins and will punish us. Thankfully, He also has provided a way to save us. God sent Jesus to take the punishment  we deserve. The Bible tells us that when we look to Jesus, He will save us. We need to learn about Him, believe in Him, and ask Him for forgiveness. There is a hymn by Helen H. Lemmel  that says, “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”. Listen and you may hear it sung in our church some Sunday. It is a good reminder for us to look to Jesus and find forgiveness. When we look towards Jesus, we will be with Him forever.
Think about this verse – Hebrews 12:2a
We must keep our eyes on Jesus, who leads us and makes our faith complete. (Contemporary English Version)
Close in prayer
Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for sending Jesus to take our punishment so we may live with You in heaven forever. Help us keep our eyes upon Jesus. Amen.

Listen to the song, "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus." Do you recognize it?